Our approach

Science-based businesses require specific kinds of expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) and licensing, as well as strategy, modeling and scaling for rapid growth and manufacturing.

The Partners at Good Growth Capital have decades of experience starting and investing in MIT-affiliated companies, and understand the processes and expertise required to launch profitable technology-based businesses. 



Our Strategies

"Almost all economic growth in the US is caused by capital investments in technology innovation;
without it growth stagnates around 2%".




The Infinite Corridor Fund will evaluate companies in early-stages, generally pre Series A, and focus on investments of $100k-$750k, with the possibility of additional capital in follow-on rounds with $1-$2MM. 



The GGC team is well positioned to participate in opportunities from multiple MIT sources, and is actively involved in many of the entrepreneurial resources on campus.

In addition, the Infinite Corridor Fund has a built-in network of Advisors who work with/at MIT and who are active angel investors with MIT angel groups. 



The Infinite Corridor Fund has targeted industry sectors poised for rapid growth:

  • Health Sciences: 
    • AI-enabled diagnostics and drug development
    • Devices
    • Small molecules
    • Genetics and molecular biology
    • Orthopedics
  • Software and Data Sciences
    • AI, Machine Learning, NLP
    • Large-scale enterprise software
    • Analytics
    • Big data
    • Security
    • SaaS
    • FinTech
  • Hard Sciences
    • Advanced Materials
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
  • GreenTech
    • Energy
    • Renewables
    • Anti-pollution
  • AgTech
    • Food
    • Forestry


    We have a Managing Partner and advisor present on campus assessing potential deals, as well as connected with several Alumni clubs both nationally and internationally. We aim to lend hands-on experience to the startup teams we invest in, so use our local and extended network to do so. We aim for our investments to have both a regional as well as global impact.