Our approach

Good Growth Capital is a venture capital platform focused on early stage technology companies.

Good Growth Capital's General Fund focuses on the east coast, filling the gap with our early-stage technology investing, with partners located in Charleston SC, Boston and NY. The fund leverages proximity to closely support our founders and connect portfolio companies to each other.

Good Growth Capital's Infinite Corridor Fund is comprised of new technology startups founded by MIT students and Alumni, and focuses on industry sectors poised for rapid growth. 



Learn more about the exciting companies in Good Growth Capital’s portfolio:

Enterprise SaaS

Base is reinventing how companies manage the risk of having employees travel internationally, helping keep their personnel safe through a dashboard that connects to employees in the field. Base’s platform pulls information from multiple sources, including crowdsourced data to provide the most comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground.

Software, IoT

Dynepic is a women owned, veteran owned business that created the playPORTAL platform, the world’s only kid-safe engagement and privacy-certified platform powering connected play. 

Sales & Artificial Intelligence

Interloop delivers predictive sales analytics to give execs and managers new visibility into forecasts and at-risk deals, combined with insights and tools for reps in the field to take immediate action.


CPG, Healthy Snacks

Jerky, Meat Sticks, Snack Mates and Marinades are all certified gluten-free, paleo-friendly, artisanal quality, and minimally processed.

Artificial Intelligence

Pryon delivers enterprise-grade AI solutions that transform how customers develop and maximize relationships with their customers, employees, and partners. 

Personalized Healthcare, Software

PTonDemand is an all inclusive office management and marketing platform that runs your office end to end. It includes online, seamless scheduling, intake, payment processing while integrating EMR, home exercise programs, and patient engagement tools.


Software, Ed Tech

The first automated engagement platform designed exclusively for education.

Fin Tech

Questis is a team of former retirement advisors, passionate software engineers, and inspired visionaries who share one driving goal— to bring the value of personalized financial planning to everyone. 

Fin Tech

Republic gives customers access to a new and vast pool of capital. Raise funds from anyone: communities, customers, partners and millions of retail investors around the world.


Healthcare technology, Artificial Intelligence

ReviveMed is a precision-medicine platform that leverages data from metabolites.

Healthcare technology

This proprietary small molecule platform targets accelerates the discovery and development of drugs that correct RNA mis-splicing across a broad range of disease types.

Cloud, Software

Unison.cloud runs massively distributed Unison programs atop a worldwide elastic supply of managed Unison nodes, paying only for the resources used. 

ALUNA LOGO_Blue Logo.png

Healthcare technology

Aluna is a San Francisco-based company that is disrupting respiratory illnesses through machine learning. Their mission is to track and ultimately have control over chronic respiratory diseases, through an at-home, self-managed device, previously only available in a hospital setting.


Healthcare technology

Leuko is introducing PointCheck, the first device for non-invasive white blood cell monitoring. PointCheck is fast, portable and simple to use. By removing the need for a blood draw, millions of immunosuppressed patients can now be tested more frequently, moving towards improved quality of life and outcomes for multiple medical conditions ranging from chemotherapy management to the detection of life-threatening infection worldwide.